Schoology Assessment Tutorials Playlist

Meet some of the new question types within Schoology Assessments.

  • Fill in the Blank (Drag and Drop) and Fill in the Blank (Dropdown)
  • Number Line and Chart
  • Highlight Image, Highlight Text and Highlight Hotspot
  • Label Image and more...

Schoology AMP Overview Packet

AMP Overview.pdf

See Schoology AMP! A Step-by-Step Walk-through of How It Works | Assessment Bootcamp 2018

After considering the process for building common assessments, managing them, and using the data, join us to see how Schoology's Assessment Management Platform (AMP) streamlines all aspects of the assessment cycle.

Hosts: Kellie Ady, Director of Instructional Strategy at Schoology, and Zach Davidson, Solutions Director at Schoology